Bradley Stoke Community School

Secondary Tutor Groups

Students are organised into 6 tutor groups in each year. These groups are called B, G, O, P, R and Y.

Our year 7 tutors have a great deal of experience of supporting transition and so they remain as year 7 tutors for every new cohort of students that we welcome into school.

Once a student is then allocated a tutor in Year 8, we make every effort to ensure that they remain with the same lead or associate tutor throughout their time with us. 

Every member of staff at Bradley Stoke Community School has responsibility to support our students in achieving the objectives in our core values; however, the tutor is the integrative centre for this.

Tutors are central to raising achievement, developing the social and emotional aspects of learning for their tutees, guiding students in developing learner confidence, routines and discipline, as well as delivering a range of sessions as part of the school’s PSHEE and IAGS curriculum.

Tutor Team (ID 1038)


Tutor Programme

At Bradley Stoke Community School, we have a well-developed Tutor Programme which is delivered by all tutors during the registration period every day.

The programme at Key Stage 3 (years 7-8- provides opportunities for students to develop their Literacy through the DEAR (drop everything and read) session where students are expected to bring reading material into school once a week. Students in these groups also take part in SEAL (social and emotional aspects of learning) sessions where they may consider a range of social issues and responses such as building empathy or resolving conflict.

At Key Stage 4 (Years 9-11) we deliver the Literacy aspect of our tutor programme through a “What’s hitting the headlines?” session. Here students spend time looking through daily newspapers or reading the on-line news and this provides time for our students to not only further develop their reading skills, but to also start to consider and debate some of the key issues both locally and also at national and world level. Other aspects of the key stage 4 tutor programmes include supporting students in organising their work experience placements in Year 10, and for Year 11 students, a range of sessions focusing on CV building, Post 16 pathways and revision skills.


As a means of creating some competition in the year groups, all groups also take part in a weekly tutor challenge. These are fun activities in which groups compete against each other every term to win the Tutor Challenge Trophy.

This competitive element is further enhanced through the schools House system. Students are organised into 4 houses (Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire and Emerald) and inter-house competitions are held once a term. These include a range of sporting activities, general knowledge quizzes and much more. All the points for the winning houses contribute to the prestigious end of year house trophy which is awarded by the Team leader for PE. 

Contact for parents

As a parent, your child’s tutor is the first point of contact should have any concerns about their behaviour, attendance, progress or general well-being. Tutors can be contacted by the main school number or by emailing them directly.  A full list of staff can be found here and by clicking on the name of the teacher an email will be created.