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Bradley Stoke Community School

Secondary Uniform and Essential Equipment


Uniform polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, PE kit and also suitable trousers and skirts can all be purchased from:



Assistance with Purchase of School Uniform

The Trust can offer support of 50%  towards the cost of uniform per academic year if a pupil is in receipt of free schools meals.  The Trust can offer support of 25% towards the cost of two of each item of essential uniform per academic year if families of a student are in receipt of working tax credit and where the household income is less than the income threshold for free school meals eligibility (currently £16,190, April 2013).

Please see the form below – there is a new process to FSM & Hardship parents buying uniform from Initially Yours. Parents need to purchase the uniform and pay the full price then fill in the attached form and return with receipts & supporting documentation (if necessary) to:-

bcs-finance@bradleystokecs.org.uk and parents will then be refunded by bacs if approved. FSM get automatic approval for 50% refund (Hardship get 25% discount if approved). Funding Application Form.

This is with immediate effect and the existing vouchers that have been issued are no longer valid.


Non Uniform Day, School Trips and Session 16 Guidance


General equipment to be brought to every lesson:

Pencils                                                                        Pencil sharpener

Biro or cartridge pen                                                 Ruler

Protractor                                                                   Compasses

Eraser                                                                         English Dictionary

Scientific Calculator (Sharp EL531 recommended)   Coloured pencils (not felt pens)


Essential Equipment -

to be brought to every lesson for the following subjects:



Coloured pencils (12) – also for Design Technology – not felt pens

2B and HB pencil

Pritt stick and scissors (Independent Learning)


PE (will change depending on the sport being taught)

Gum shield

Shin pads

Football boots (Boys only)







Product Design

Coloured pencils – as for Art

Named ‘Tupperware’ box for transferring foodstuffs

Clutch pencil (propelling) 0.5 HB


French/German (depending which language students are learning)

French/German Dictionary (for independent learning)



Thesaurus (for independent learning)